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Students of The Epicenter: An Interview with Florence Obirimanu

Originally from Ghana, Florence Obirimanu has worked with software companies in the healthcare and education sectors to build her passion for using technology to provide real-life solutions. She joined the Epicenter Student Advisory Council to help enhance the University of Utah’s experience for international students. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in information systems and hopes to continue with a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the new Impact & Prosperity Epicenter.

What made you decide to get involved with the Impact and Prosperity Epicenter so early on?

“I think it’s a great opportunity to contribute to impacting people’s lives.” She said, “bringing students together with goals to make a change, brings up a community of students with innovative ideas. For me, being a part of the advisory board is to promote the vision and the mission of the Epicenter and help implement ways to better serve students across the University of Utah.” She expressed her excitement to be a part of the Epicenter Advisory Council and help create opportunities for students to explore innovative ideas.

What inspires you to be a changemaker in your community? 

“What inspires me is the fact that you see people going through some sort of challenge that cannot be solved. I am very passionate about bringing solutions that can help the challenge at hand. How people feel inspires me to help my community… I chose to work with   (International Students & Scholar Services) because it helps me make an impact when it comes to international students and what the U has to offer. One day, the University of Utah will be one of the best-known schools for helping international students.” She serves as an example of a changemaker due to her commitment to fostering a positive impact on the community and establishing a welcoming atmosphere for international students.

What kind of culture do you hope to shape at the Epicenter, and why?

Obirimanu possesses a strong passion for making a positive impact in her community in Ghana and globally through innovative health research initiatives. She highlighted the importance of supporting students to develop creative ideas that can benefit communities in Utah and beyond. ” –  is helping students come up with more innovative ideas and research activities in health that could help communities in Utah and around the world.” She said, “I want to help my communities back in Ghana. Living at the Epicenter would mean involvement in research activities and sharing innovative ideas to take to communities.” This commitment to innovation and community service demonstrates her dedication to creating positive change through collaboration and critical thinking.

How do you see yourself making an impact in the world right now or after your time at the University of Utah?

“For me, involving myself in research brings out the best in me.” She said, “It requires me to think and make recommendations that best align with solutions that are right for the bigger group at hand and make the best impact. ” Obirimanu spoke about her passion for research and involvement in developing a more robust hypertension and diabetes management system. Obirimanu believes that involving herself in research brings out the best in her by making her think more critically.

What advice would you give a new student starting at the University of Utah about making an impact during their academic career?

Obirimanu spoke about the abundance of opportunities for students at the university and encourages them to make an impact in the lives of others. She attends local events to learn more about Utah and how to help the people living there. She also notes the importance of being innovative and utilizing the university’s resources. In her words, “Students must be more innovative because the university provides those resources to help students be who they are and make an impact on the lives of other people.”

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