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Academic Opportunities

Are you a student interested in impact-focused courses that will equip you with the skills to promote societal well-being?

The Epicenter, in partnership with the Sorenson Impact Center and the Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity at the University of Utah, is proud to host an array of academic opportunities, including the Prosperity Scholars Program and Impact X. Our academic programs and course offerings were designed for students with an interest in impact-driven education and are open to undergraduate students from across disciplines.

Students are not required to live in the Epicenter to participate in our programs. See available opportunities below, and reach out to for more information.

Impact X

Offering unparalleled programming opportunities for students from all majors to explore and collaborate with experts in social impact and prosperity science.

STRAT 1050 - Social Impact Through Business

This course introduces students to the concepts of social impact and prosperity promotion. Students will learn about social and economic challenges that businesses can help address related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.

Students will analyze case studies, engage in discussion and group activities, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to social impact and prosperity promotion. The course will incorporate case studies, guest speakers, and current events to provide students with a practical understanding of the opportunities and challenges to promote social good.

STRAT 5100 - Social Impact Strategy and Innovation

For businesses and organizations today, creating a positive social impact is directly tied to sustainability and growth. But how can organizations transition from a traditional mindset of the role of business in society toward one that prioritizes social good? In this course, students will learn how to embed and measure social impact into business while exploring the latest in impact innovations and trends. Open to all majors - no prerequisites needed.

ENTP 2030 - Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This course will introduce students to the rapidly-growing field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will examine wide variety of approaches to solving social problems that use tools traditionally employed in business.

In this course, students will look at the ways:

(1) incumbent organizations are attempting to solve social problems; (2) entrepreneurs (in startups, nonprofits, government and corporations) are working on those same problems; (3) governments are transforming the way they provide services, measure outcomes and partner with others; (4) philanthropy is being redefined; (5) data are being used to gain insights into social problems. The course is open to students in all majors.