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Student Residential Space

Through a palette of unit typologies the Impact and Prosperity Epicenter will offer accommodations to suit the needs of students at different stages in their academic career.

Single dormitories and Double dormitories are targeted to freshmen and sophomores who are initiating their career paths. This type of living experience promotes active interaction within residential neighborhoods and provides opportunities for networking with like-minded people.

Apartments are oriented towards upperclassmen who might have already made some connections with fellow students and are now looking for living accommodations that will nurture these relationships along with their projects and lives. Apartments might also be attractive to students seeking a more private living experience as they offer a kitchen and lounge space within the apartment. 4-bedroom apartments and 8-bedroom apartments offer living spaces for different group sizes. As a result, more senior students will find this type of housing attractive and will reduce the need to find off-campus alternative.

Sleeping pods offer an opportunity for students who intend to spend most of their time out on the shared spaces and who anticipate needing less private space of their own. The smaller dimensions within each pod unit are counterbalanced with a larger community space.

  • Number of resident beds: 775
  • Resident room occupancy and square footage:
    • 8-bedroom apartments (12 units): Type A: 2, 100 sq. ft. Type B: 2,200 sq. ft.
    • 4-bedroom apartments (30 units): 1,050 sq. ft.
    • Doubles (140 units): 180 sq. ft.
    • Singles (69 units): 110 sq. ft.
    • Pod Studios (211 units): 80 sq. ft. 11 pod communities with approximately 2,100 sq. ft of shared community space

Epicenter Residential Space, University of Utah